Exploring a new sphere of communiqué

“I am writing to express my thanks and appreciation for the remarkable work Marspoles team did on conceptualization and final deliverables of Behtareen Zindagi campaign of my brand. I am really impressed with quality of work you have delivered in series of Commercial ad – Behtareen Zindagi conceptualized for our target audience(doctors). Your professionalism, creativity and talent made it pleasurable to work with you on this project.”


Underactive Bladder Patients Suffer Shame And Inconvenience In Silence. With Brand Betheran We Attempted At Drawing The Doctor’s Attention To This Suffering Through Various Slices Of Life Of The Patient, With Campaign Behtareen Zindagi

The Communication Needed Extreme Gentle Handling As The Incidents In The Patient’s Life Could Easily Cross The Line From Being Awkward To Comic.

This Campaign Broadcast Explored All Kinds Of Media Including TVC Style Video Nuggets.

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