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We are a young team of explorers, wandering beyond boundaries. We combat against mediocrity every moment of the day. Excellence is essential to us. It’s our stardust. And we sprinkle it on all the projects we undertake. We are fascinated by the red planet and dwell on its likes with double the imagination and creativity. Our spaceship comes loaded for you, with healthcare and more. From medical writers and bloggers to the best in class creative thought leadership, digital strategists, animators, illustrators, designers, developers, strategists, servicing specialists, and Illustrators— everything to make the journey of your brand rich and eventful. With us, your brands are surely light years ahead of the competition! Our brilliant work attracts the right kind of reaction from the target group, thus making sales and recall rocket high. In our hands brands bloom to create their magic– To form their magnetosphere – be it a small token of communication or an entire multimedia campaign. 

Rahil Kazi


Meet Rahil, the visionary force behind MarsPoles. With a passion for creativity and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Rahil embarked on the journey of founding MarsPoles with the goal of revolutionizing the advertising landscape. Rahil's keen insights and boundless imagination are the driving forces behind our agency's ability to push the boundaries of conventional advertising, ensuring that each campaign is a unique masterpiece.

Rahil's journey began with a deep appreciation for the power of storytelling and its ability to connect people. With a educational background in B. Pharma, powered with MS degree and PGDM in Business Management, his passion, combined with a strategic mindset, has fueled MarsPoles' success in delivering impactful campaigns that leave a lasting impression.

Mahesh Mulik


Enter Mahesh Mulik, the Co-founder and strategic genius behind MarsPoles. Mahesh brings a wealth of experience in marketing and business strategy, complementing Rahil's creative vision with a results-driven approach. Together, Rahil and Mahesh form a dynamic duo that synergizes innovation and strategy to create advertising magic.

Mahesh's background in market analysis and trend forecasting has played a pivotal role in MarsPoles' ability to stay ahead of the curve. He has his educational background in B. Pharma, powered with MS degree and PGDM in Business Management. His expertise ensures that our clients not only receive visually stunning campaigns but also enjoy tangible, measurable results that contribute to their overall success.

Since 2016

The Unique Chemistry of Marspoles

Mars: We operate out of a different plane altogether. Moving towards mars. Because it has two moons, which means double the creativity and imagination.

One day on mars lasts 24.6 hours. Which again means a wee bit more time. 24 hours is not always enough. Are they?

Poles: Amongst us we have temperaments and personalities which are poles apart.

Some rock solid down to earth. Some on flights of fancy. Some easy to excite. Some have seen it all. We believe differences ignite sparks which in turn fuel creativity. It’s a micro universe out here.

I am writing to express my thanks and appreciation for the remarkable work Marspoles team did on conceptualization and final deliverables of Behtareen Zindagi campaign of my brand. I am really impressed with quality of work you have delivered in series of Commercial ad – Behtareen Zindagi conceptualized for our target audience(doctors). Your professionalism, creativity and talent made it pleasurable to work with you on this project.

Bhavesh Mor

I had the pleasure of working with Marspoles, not once but multiple times and it's truly a fantastic agency. Their team is not only talented but also remarkably efficient and creative. They thrive on challenges, consistently delivering good work. From serious to funny or quirky to mainstream they know the balance. The app I envisioned became a reality thanks to their dedication and innovative approach. I highly recommend Marspoles for their exceptional skills and passion for turning ideas into remarkable outcomes.

Pawan Kulkarni

We started working with Marspoles a year ago for the launch of a few products in different markets, Marspoles is an agency who are professional and expert in their domain. They can create product launch campaigns in an Innovative and creative way. They can talk about science simply and creatively. I recommend Marspoles to all pharma marketers to create a different space for themselves in the market via inventive and ingenious campaigns. Also, talking about Rahil who is always on his toes to support the clients to come up with communication strategies to create differentiation. Client servicing and creative teams are always available to fulfil the requirements and incorporate the amendments. Thanks for working for us.

Krunal Vanjara

Working on different projects like Video creation, designing Visual Aid, Scientific updates with Marspoles media and communications since last 3 years and I must say, the experience was nothing short of outstanding. From start to end, they showcased unparalleled creativity, professionalism, and a keen understanding of our needs. The Team is lead by Mr Mahesh and Mr Rahil who themselves have worked in Pharma earlier and have a good understanding of the business.

Suhas Borate
Lupin Ltd

Dear Team A heartfelt thank you for your unwavering dedication and tireless efforts in bringing the Voice of Wockhardt to life. Your expertise, creativity, and hard work played a pivotal role in the successful execution of this event. From meticulous planning to flawless execution, your contributions were invaluable. The seamless coordination and commitment from each one of you made Voice of Wockhardt an exceptional experience. We deeply appreciate your professionalism and collaborative spirit. It is through your collective efforts that we achieved success, turning our vision into a reality. Thank you for being integral to this memorable journey.

Pravin Ghag
Wockhardt Hospitals

I worked with Marspole to promote my brand and got great results. The team displayed a strong awareness of our brand values and efficiently exploited numerous channels to boost our visibility. Promotion was seamless and effective from engaging social media campaigns to strategically placed ads.

Harshita Patil

Launching our brand with Marspole was a game-changer! The pre-launch strategies and major unveiling were successfully executed. Event was a huge success, boosting brand awareness. Our brand has a bold and unforgettable.

Utkarsh Chandel

Marspoles is our trusted partner for scientific communication. Their ability to simplify complex ideas and communicate them effectively is unmatched. Truly a scientific communication agency of excellence.

Vishu Nawkar

We create experiences and turn ideas into reality.

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